File Transfer

Download unavailable for anonymous users.

Simple Transfer ModeFor users who have persistent difficulties with uploads, check this box to disable the progress indicator and cause the transfer to occur in this browser window. When set, this browser window will not respond until the upload is complete. Some browsers, especially older ones, will only support Simple Transfer Mode and will disregard this setting.

Please include as much additional information as possible


This site requires that both cookies and javascript be enabled in the browser. It will not function properly if either or both are disabled.


This system has two modes of operation, anonymous and customer-specific. Anonymous is designed for the occasional user, and offers limited functionality. If you are a more frequent user, please contact your Adcolor Sales Representative about getting a userid and password to access your own customer-specific Webtransfer account!


If you have an Adcolor-supplied userid and password, use them to log into your Webtransfer account.


Uploading is pretty much the same whether you are an anonymous user or have a Webtransfer account. If your job requires multiple files, we recommend that you create either a ZIP or Stuff-It archive of the necessary files, and upload that, rather than uploading the individual files.

First, select your file to upload using the file selector dialog (as an option on many newer browsers, you can drag-and-drop a file onto the file-selector button). In the additional information section, please fill it out as completely as possible (Webtransfer account users will have some information prepopulated). Requested Completion Date is an actual calendar date (like 5/31). The more complete the information provided, the more quickly and efficiently Adcolor can process your job!

Once all the information has been entered, click the Upload button. On newer browsers, a progress indicator will display, indicating the percentage of completion. Large files can take a long time to upload.


Downloading is only available to Webtransfer account holders. Click on the download tab, and then click on the file name to view it (assuming your computer has software registered to open that type of file, otherwise your browser will prompt you about saving the file). As an alternative, it is possible to right-click the file name and select "Save As..." (or similar) to save the file to a location you specify on your computer.

Large Files

Uploading large files (over 500M) is better handled via FTP, which is purpose-built to move files. As such, Adcolor offers FTP upload and download (download only available to Webtransfer account holders). Both Windows and OS X offer command-line FTP clients, and there are many GUI clients available for purchase for both platforms. The FTP server address is the same, webtransfer.adcolorinc.com. Webtransfer account holders can use their same userid and password used to access this site, whereas anonymous users will login with the userid anonymous and will use their email address as their password. Adcolor recommends always setting binary mode (type i from the command line) when transferring files via FTP.


This system allows the exchange of files between Adcolor and its customers, and is solely for use by Adcolor and its customers; any other use is strictly prohibited. Adcolor does not warrant or guarantee the integrity or security of any file placed here, and Adcolor recommends that users always keep a backup of any file submitted.